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eXchequer365 was designed for Exchequer users

Built for the award winning accounting suite of Exchequer; all users can now combine the efficiency of the Exchequer solution, with the mobility of eXchequer365. 

Designed for the mobile technology of today - you can now have 24/7 access to your data, reporting and analysis - wherever you happen to be in the world.  Taking advantange of the current BYOD (bring your own device) trend, deploying eXchequer365 is quick, efficient and can provide immediate benefit for your business. Download now and access Exchequer 365 days a year.

Empowering your business teams

Business today now operates 24/7 and extends far beyond the traditional barriers of the office.  No accounting system is an island however; and by using eXchequer365 your team can now bridge the gap and deliver exceptional service from anywhere in the world.  Using any supported device, your team now has access to your key Exchequer data. 

  • Customers/Suppliers; review details, ledgers and orders 
  • Stock; check stock pricing, availability and forecast position (day/week/month)  
  • Projects; review project actuals, budgets and committed positions 
  • Reporting; review Excel OLE and report writer reports
  • Analysis; compare actual vs budget and see instant trends
  • Notifications; cross platform messaging between Exchequer and mobile users
  • Approvals; allows authorisation of transactions (POR/PIN)
  • Drill-down; view, print and email Exchequer transactions from any device
  • Links; provides access to links (images, PDF's etc..) stored in Exchequer
  • Control; set filters to define which users see which data (sales territories etc...) 

Based upon a modular design; you can simply enable the functionality your team require.  For a detailed list of modules and features, please review the modules section.  To watch video walk-throughs of the app in use, check out the videos section.

24/7 access - An always on SaaS solution

Access to your business information has never been more important and with this in mind, eXchequer365 has been developed as a "Software as a Service" solution to enable any Exchequer user to go mobile with their data.  Using the latest secure technologies, we provide the web services required to make your data available to all your devices, no matter when, or where, you need it.  

Built for your business (whether a 2 user or 50+ user existing Exchequer installation), eXchequer365 will provide the scale and technology to enable you to compete in todays 24/7 world-wide market.  Work from home, on the road, or simply check in whilst waiting for your next meeting - eXchequer365 will ensure you are always connected to your information. 

All eXchequer365 mobile clients are designed to be fast and require only a small amount of internet connectivity bandwidth to operate.  When on the road you will simply be able to connect with your usual phone 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi connectivity and handle any queries on the go.


Case Studies and ROI

We will be adding these to the site resources very shortly; bookmark us and check back soon.

If you would like to participate in one our case studies, please contact us as we would love hear how eXchequer365 is already transforming your business...!