Module - Core functionality

At the heart of the eXchequer365 application, the core module provides a wealth of information to add benefit to any Exchequer business.  Covering Customer, Supplier, Stock and Project ledgers; users have the ability to review master files details, transactions, history analysis and even drill-down to source transactions. 
  • Customer; details, ledger and orders (open/history), statements & drill-down
  • Suppliers; details, ledger and orders (open/history) & drill-down
  • Products; details, in stock/on order/allocated, locations & forecast drill-down
  • Projects; details, WIP, revenue, receipts, un-billed items & drill-down
  • Notifications; "push notification" and cross-platform messaging
  • Finder; advanced wildcard searching of transactions (serial no, refs, etc..)
  • Drill-down; provides PDF preview that allows e-mail, print, "open in" etc...
  • Admin; definition of user filters (restrict viewable data; "sales territory" etc..)

A users individual login licence allows the named user to login via any supported client application.  For example, one user licence would permit the named user to setup access on their PC, MacBook, iPhone and iPad. 

Module - Reports Manager & ObjectDrill Links

The additional reports manager and ObjectDrill links module take eXchequer365 to an advanced level.  Focusing on management reporting, users have the ability to have up to date Excel OLE and Visual Report Writer reports available via their mobile devices.
  • Reports Manager; provides ability to retrieve up to date PDF management reports
  • Reports Manager; link to any "office network" documents (HR/policy manual etc..)
  • Advanced Links; view full transaction matching/object-drill (SOR-SIN, SRC etc...)
  • My Reports Admin; allows definition (per user) of viewable PDF reports
  • XL2PDF; utility tool for automatically refreshing/saving to PDF any Excel OLE report

The Excel OLE reports are automatically refreshed to PDF using a supplied/licenced module of our XL2PDF tool.  In order for the Visual Report Writer reports to be rendered to PDF, you will require the Sentimail module be installed within your Exchequer installation (available from your Exchequer reseller). 

Module - Transaction Authorisation

Building upon the core Notifications module; the Transaction Authorisation module allows transactions to be authorised, delegated or rejected, from any device.  Fully integrated with the Exchequer accounting suite, transactions can be raised in Exchequer and then passed to eXchequer365 users for authorisation.
  • Authorisations; advanced notification to allow for approve, delegate and rejection
  • Authorisations; adds drill down to transaction links (eg scanned PIN, images etc..)
  • Authorisation Admin; allows definition (per user) of approvers and limits/routes 

The Object-Drill links to additional documents (suppliers physical PIN document for example) will require that the office Exchequer users have linked the appropriate file within Exchequer (links option).  Once linked, the eXchequer365 module will make this visible during the transaction ObjectDrill window on the device.



Core Reports Authorise
Customer/Supplier details, ledger/orders (open/history), statements and drill-down Yes . .
Product details, in stock/alloc/on order, locations & forecast drill-down Yes . .
Project details, WIP, revenue, receipts, un-billed items & drill-down Yes . .
Push notification messaging for Exchequer and eXchequer365 Yes . .
Finder facility for locating transactions by any field/reference/serial no Yes . .
Advanced ObjectDrill for viewing of matching transaction links (SOR/SIN etc...) . Yes .
My Reports configuration for defining available reports by device user . Yes .
Ability to link to office network files (HR manuals etc...) via My Reports . Yes .
XL2PDF utility to schedule Excel OLE to PDF creation (My Reports) . Yes .
Allow Exchequer transactions to be sent to eXchequer365 for authorising . . Yes
Allow viewing of scanned/linked PIN documents via mobile devices . . Yes